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21 August 2008 @ 03:06 pm
I'm addicted to that word. Like, instead of saying cuss words, i'm like, BOOM.
Ok, I'm blogging now because it's Club time and also because my LJ needs an update.

I'm too lazy to put all the bold, italic, and underline, so this is gonna be a really boring blog entry.

OHH, I'm actually going to a gig! And it's tomorrow! WHEEEE. Sorrry, I'm a first timer, forgive me. GO VAILIUM. :)

Len-len, Andre, Justin, Tiffany, Francis, Abby, Janice, IMISSYOUGUYS! :( Aww, five years is so long.

REALIZATION: My brother isn't interested in girls. TMC figured it out and got him out of the "closet". HAHA.