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16 July 2008 @ 11:43 am
Update. :)  

Boys Like Girls makes me nostalgic.
Speaking of which, I just watched the Thunder music vid. Honest to blog, that song reminds me of my freshman year and when they were starting to become popular and how obsessed I had become with their music. :)

I haven't updated in a while, and the one time I choose to is also the day before our Social Studies and Trigonometry long tests. :| I'll be up anyways today, with all the studying and things.

Today started out normal, maybe even dull, compared to a lot of mornings. It was boring. And then E had their outreach today. Hope you guys had fun. :) It was just me, Kim, Nica, and Celine who ate together for recess and lunch. We couldn't find Jez and Genica, but we saw them a couple of times in the restroom. ;;)

We had 2 paking hard quizzes today. And I could've sworn I was so so so close to falling asleep during whatever subject was super bleh. I think it was Filipino or something. The sub teacher was scary. And and and there was this sub for Chemistry who Bryan and Paolo and Joey and Kiichi and so on and so forth couldn't stop laughing at. Paolo and Bryan were so red and were suffocating and hiding under their uniforms. Grabe, kamukha si DOMONDONIZERRR. As in maitim, mataba, and according to Jeff, pangit. Cause he said Patrick Domondon was ugly. :)) And during Art, Jeff kept insulting Domondonizer, saying things like, I hate Patrick cause he's so fat and dark and ugly. Singit siya ng singit, hindi naman siya kasya. Mika and I were laughing like whoa. And Ichi kept saying SEEEEHN EHFF GAAAHD, which I still don't get. Nica says its how Sir Oandasan says it. :))

OHOHOH, WHISPER NAPKINS, REGULAR FLOW. And stop denying that TIM makes you horny. Why him? :o :))

And then dismissal. Believe it, I got left with the guys this time. RC, I HATE YOUUU. LONER. And there were flies flying on Jopepay's head. And Coma said, "Why are guys smarter than girls? Because they have TWO HEADS.

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Addie: Breakfast Club.trendyshimmer on July 16th, 2008 10:29 pm (UTC)
I only read this now. =))
I heard you guys had fun during dismissal that day. ;;)