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02 July 2008 @ 10:15 am
You're burnin' bridges, baby.  
I'm really bored, and so I decided to blog.

For this layout, I credit paintedlayouts. Uhm, just wanted to say.

WHEEEEE. Today was loooove.
So yesterday, I was absent and I missed a lot in school. But I'm pretty sure that what I missed the day before, today made up for it. :D

So I get to school, put my stuff in the room, and when I got out, M greets me with a hug and says, "You're back!" HAHA. And then I gave out the reco letters of sections E and F (hope you guys had a great recollection :p). B kept saying how she loved the reco letter I gave her cause of all the NJJ in it. I knew you would, B. :>

Ok, I won't blog about what happened in the classroom, cause not much happens in there. So during recess time, M and I went ahead to the cafeteria to save seats. We waited there for the rest of them to get there. And so yeah, we all sat down, and they all started eating in front of me. It was so unfair because I wasn't allowed to eat anything. :( Then they all just had to conclude that I was pregnant. (I swear, I am not. I'm clean and holy.) And then we got back upstairs (it was only me, Kim, Celine and Riva that time, I think) and I saw Pao, and I told him how I left his letter in the room, then they all told him how I was pregnant. Grr. :)) Then he said the most obnoxious thing: "Hi, Harvey's baby. WTH, PAOLO. =))

And then lunchtime. Same thing, M and I went ahead to save seats, and they were all eating AGAIN, when they all knew I COULDN'T. So yeah, whatever. Then I gave Pao his letter, then Kristen told me he started to read it, then I remembered it wasn't his reco yet. But he wouldn't give it back, so I had no choice but to leave it with him. It's a good thing it's your reco soon, Pao, you evil person who isn't guilty about reading a letter he should be reading 2 days after today. :)) Jk. :D And then the whole pregnant thing again. GRRR. I swear, I'm not. =)) Celine even made up an entire story about how it happened. GHOST and TIGER were the weirdest parts she invented. HONEST, THEY INVENTED THE ENTIRE THING. And Nica said it was ruler's fault. YUCKKK. =)) And then pencils were brought up again. =))

DISMISSAL. FUNFUNFUN. This time, in the cafeteria, they all told me to go and buy and eat, but I didn't want to. So I asked for a shake instead. :)) But Kim had to go already, so it was me, Adrienne, Nica, Riva, and Celine. Then Riva had to leave. So we just went to the library and Celine attempted a truth or dare game, but we ended up laughing at I forgot what. Then we went up to Gate 3, and then Celine had to go, and Adrienne ended up talking to cool mushroom about who he liked and stuff. And then Nica and I along with Iggy and Victor somehow got dragged along with it. :))


"Hey, can I pop your zits?"
"You should use Masters facial wash. I use it. And this isn't a pimple, it's a scar."
That's just some cheap facial wash you bought from the TIANGGE.

So yeah, it kinda went like that. =))
It's so obvious how much I loved today. ♥ :)

Oh, this is also in my xanga, for those w/o LJ accounts who have read this. HAHA.
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